Short / Biopic
Nicola Schito

“L’Americano” tells the meeting of two stories connected with passion: the dedication of a boxer, who succeeds after sacrificing his own life to boxing, and the creativity of a barman, able to invent a cocktail with the inspiration of an artist.
The film resumes the story according to which the Campari Americano is a tribute to the grandeur of Primo Carnera, reinterpreting it in a modern key, through a transposition to nowadays.
It seems an evening like the others: an empty bar, the noise of the city in the background, the quiet of the closing time. But suddenly the bell rings and a living legend walks in the bar. The boxer challenges the barman asking him to be amazed with a drink. The barman accepts it and puts all of himself in the preparation of a cocktail worthy of the great boxer. A dreamlike moment in which a sound crasis makes its way: the bar and the gym merge into one place, where the concentration of the boxer is transformed into the light touch of the barman, the lemon peel sliding on the edge becomes the dry sound of the velcro of the gloves, and the power of the punches on the bag is mixed with the ice clinking inside the glass. This is the birth of “Americano”, a cocktail which has made history just like the Italian boxer who has become the Heavyweight Champion in America. The challenge is over. The boxer leaves the bar, unable to hold back the smile of someone who has found an opponent as good as him.

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